Ultimate FF #1 Previews.

• The Future Foundation is all that stands between us and COMPLETE AND UTTER DOOM.

• Sue Storm, Tony Stark, Machine Man and Sam Wilson face the ONCOMING DESTRUCTION.

• A mysterious new member will join their ranks, whether they like it or not. Hint: They will not.

Story by Joshua Hale Fialkov, art by Mario Guevara

Release date: Wednesday 16 April, 2014

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Cover by GREG LAND
• Invasion from a parallel Earth!
• A new ATLANTIS will rise!
• Will NAMOR massacre his own people to survive?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #27

Reed asks how toxic Tony’s thoughts are, but I ask how lonely you have to be before the universe gives you a friend via what appeared to be a sentient brain tumour.


maybe ult! carol and ult!rhodey can make a come back so tony will have somebody

shut up

ULTIMATE FF #2JOSHUA HALE FIALKOV (W) • MARIO GUEVARA (A)Cover by MIKE McKONEArtist Variant by FELIX RUIZ“PALACE OF THE BRINE” (PART 1 of 2)• A lavish vacation spot for the super-rich suddenly goes dark, with hundreds missing…• And the only suspect is an old frenemy of the FANTASTIC FOUR• Meanwhile, the truth of the team’s mysterious fourth member spells doom for another member of the team!

Cover by MIKE McKONE
Artist Variant by FELIX RUIZ
• A lavish vacation spot for the super-rich suddenly goes dark, with hundreds missing…
• And the only suspect is an old frenemy of the FANTASTIC FOUR
• Meanwhile, the truth of the team’s mysterious fourth member spells doom for another member of the team!

The Stark Twins: Part One

Once upon a time I was asked to elaborate on Gregory Stark. After months here we go. Sorry it took so long. This is also getting divided into parts otherwise it’ll take me at least another year to finish.


Gregory Stark was a minor character first introduced in Ultimate Avengers 1 as the tech support for Nick Fury’s black ops team. He’s a very minor character and all of his appearances can be found in Ultimate Avengers 1, 2, 3 and Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates with a mention in Ultimate Fallout. What he’s most noted for is that he is Tony Stark’s twin brother. In more than one way, they are opposites. Tony wears black suits and has black hair while Gregory wears white suits (except in his first appearance) and has blond hair.

Personality wise?


Besides, I got my own little lineup and Tony Stark’s big brother can hook us up with all the tasty hardware baby Stark’s too squeamish for. You seen his Iron Man machine? It’s like a dinosaur with rivets.

Even before we see him we get a sense of what kind of person he is. Tony is burdened with those silly morals and for a black ops team that’s going to be all about making the tough decisions, he’s completely unsuitable. In Greg’s first appearance he insists on making the obvious distinction between himself and his brother (Doctor instead of Mister) and refers to Tony as his ‘embarrassing little brother’. Disdain seems to be the word to describe Greg’s opinion on his brother.

The reason for their estrangement is not explained, but Greg claims he had a company stolen for him. This estrangement is made even clearer by the fact that Clint says that he had no idea that Tony had a brother until then. It also shows how much more low key Gregory is in comparison to Tony and the state of their relationship. So if you’re wondering why he hasn’t appeared until now, look no further.


And for your information, I am nothing like my brother. That little drunk is a walking embarrassment. I refuse to even say his name until he gives me back the corporation he stole.

Greg is the older of the two so a possible theory is that he’s referring to Stark Industries which he feels he should of inherited from their father. In Ultimate Comics: Iron Man, Howard Stark is seen pushing Tony into a position to take over after him and through which resentment could breed if such favouritism was shown from a young age.

Most of the Ultimate Avengers team is supplied by Greg’s company. There’s War Machine, the Red Wasp, a former criminal reformed by an obedience chip implanted by Stark Global Solutions, and Nerd Hulk (they actually call him this), a Hulk grown from Bruce Banner’s stem cells and designed to retain his intelligence as well as the Hulk’s brute strength.

Considering the dubious line-up he’s provided this quote is an apt summary ‘As always, I pride myself on supplying the hardware my brother wouldn’t dare’.



Greg: They don’t stand a chance. If he’s got a cosmic cube we need to activate the nuke.

Nick: What nuke, Gregory?

Greg: The one in War Machine’s armor. Retrieval is no longer an option, general. The best we can hope for now is containment.

This is the first storyline that he shows up in and he’s already doing everything he can to establish himself as the opposite of Tony Stark. Tony tends to deal purely in hardware without involving anyone specific in his designs outside of the Iron Man armour which is for him only (Thor is the exception due to his position as Tony’s closest friend). Greg tailors his designs for the user, but makes morally reprehensible decisions by doing so. Nerd Hulk is Bruce Banner’s clone, most likely done without his consent or knowledge and the Red Wasp can be argued to have no free will of her own as she’s tethered to the obedience chip in her brain. The Punisher’s implant to keep him in line was also most likely supplied by Greg. And as seen above he’s very willing to kill everyone in the area. He pushes for it even as Fury hesitates and you know it’s bad if even Fury hesitates.

If you insist on comparing Greg to someone else, Tiberius Stone as seen in Invincible Iron Man vol 3 is probably your best bet. They’re physically similar and there are parallels in their relationships with a Tony Stark. Although keep in mind that Tiberius pretended to be Tony’s friend even while plotting his downfall, with Greg, there are no pretensions of friendship. And please don’t use MCU!Obadiah Stane, just don’t.